Sustainable Development Policy

Since its establishment, management of the Vienna Insurance Group has always prioritized sustainability. This commitment, alongside a clear strategy for growth focused on value, has driven the company’s transformation from a local insurer to an international giant.

There are 5 key strategic areas that ensure the company’s sustainable development.

  • Capital Investments – VIG oversees around 34.4 billion euros in capital investments. The primary objective is to use premium payments wisely to fulfill all obligations. This entails prioritizing investment safety, favoring high credit ratings, and aiming for steady returns. Moreover, VIG acknowledges its responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of its investment choices.
  • Customers – Vienna Insurance Group aims to cater to a broad spectrum of individuals by offering innovative products that deliver social and environmental benefits.
  • Employees – VIG provides its employees with an appealing work atmosphere that enables everyone to actively contribute to the company’s growth and advancement.
  • Society – The Vienna Insurance Group assumes responsibility for social concerns and actively aids in the progress of the local community. By closely tracking socio-economic shifts, VIG adjusts its business approach to align with social trends, ensuring a promising future for forthcoming generations.
  • Environment – VIG adjusts its business strategy to address the impacts of climate change and enhances its proficiency in managing risks related to natural disasters. It advocates for increased societal awareness of escalating environmental risks and devises initiatives aimed at environmental protection and resource conservation.