Corporate Auto Insurance Irao

Corporate Auto Insurance

Get insurance for a company-owned vehicle or an employee-owned vehicle easily with IRAO.

Road accident


Falling of various objects

Natural disasters: earthquake, hail, flood, heavy snowfall, storm, landslide, mudslide

fire, falling of a tree, explosion

Theft or robbery

Damage / loss of individual parts and accessories

    • Third-party liability insurance
      With supplementary coverage, both the customer and any third party whose vehicle, property, or health was harmed by the user are insured together.

    Accident insurance for driver and passengers
    Extra coverage offers compensation for injuries and harm to the life and well-being of the driver and any other passengers in the vehicle following a traffic accident.

"IRAO-Assistance" is our 24-hour customer support service. We are always ready to answer any insurance-related questions and help you with travel-related issues:

  • Tow truck services;
  • Tire replacement;
  • Starting a car;
  • Delivery of fuel to the site.

Additional services can be accessed in Tbilisi and nearby areas (within a 25 km radius), including Tskneti, Tsavkisi, Okrokana, Tabakhmela, Saguramo, Akhalsofeli, Navdaraantkari, Mtskheta, Bethania, Kojori, Shindisi, and Fonichala.