Business Insurance Irao

Business Insurance

For an affordable annual fee of 350 GEL, small and medium-sized businesses can mitigate numerous types of unexpected expenses.

Business insurance helps you protect the assets your business owns by:

  • Buildings;
  • Separate space in the building;
  • Agricultural buildings: garages, warehouses, warehouses;
  • Production/technological lines and machines;
  • Communication devices (systems, devices), high voltage machines;
  • Commodity-material items: products, goods, supplies;
  • Inventory: furniture, household items, electrical equipment, organizational equipment, etc.

Your business will be protected from unexpected costs caused by:


  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, or crash of an aircraft/its parts;
  • Earthquake, storm, hurricane, hail, landslide, rock fall, heavy snow, flood;
  • Damage to the water supply and drainage system, leakage/leakage of such liquids from boilers or pipes, such as water, oil, petroleum;
  • Vandalism, theft, robbery committed by a third party;
  • Glass damage.

With IRAO, you will be able to insure the risks caused by the suspension of activities, which include:

  • Reduced income as a result of suspension of activities;
  • Damage/destruction/loss of property.

Our policy also includes civil liability insurance:

  • Insurance applies even when damage occurs to someone else's health and/or property.

Total Insurance Limit