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"Pulse" Health Insurance

Take a closer look at the “Pulse” individual insurance policy, which includes multiple packages with varying co-financing percentages and limits. Decide on the health insurance coverage that aligns with your requirements.


From 110 ₾


Comfort +

From 85 ₾



From 65 ₾



From 55 ₾


With "Pulse," the service is entirely customized to suit your needs, granting you the freedom to choose clinics without any charges. Reimbursements are promptly and easily provided, and you can efficiently manage your insurance using the mobile app.

IRAO Assistance - 24-hour customer support center;

Private doctor service;

Emergency medical services;

Preventive tests;

Emergency and planned hospitalization;

Hospitalization due to an accident;

Daily hospital care;


Emergency and planned outpatient care;

Physiotherapy, halotherapy and therapeutic massage;

Nurse’s services in the apartment;

Pregnancy and childbirth;



Emergency and planned dentistry.

You have two options for utilizing the insurance: consult your family doctor and go to the provider clinic for co-financing during payment, or visit any licensed clinic you prefer and receive reimbursement after providing the required documentation.

You can see the list of our partner clinics on this link.

You have multiple options for reimbursement: you can use the IRAO application or the web portal (online.irao.ge) to get reimbursement, or you can visit branches and drop your documents in designated boxes.

Any amount will be refunded to you within 2 business days at most.

You have the choice to access the service at either the provider clinic or your desired non-provider licensed clinic. In this second case, you'll need to make the full payment upfront and then apply for reimbursement with the relevant documentation.

You can use individual health insurance only at the provider dental clinics.

To reimburse outpatient services and medications, you will need:

  • Form 100/prescription (with official stamp and signature);
  • Payment receipt;
  • Cash receipt order (in the case of receiving services from a gynecologist and urologist, the answers to the conducted studies are also necessary).

To be reimbursed for dental expenses, you will need:

  • Form 100;
  • Payment receipt;
  • Cash receipt order;
  • X-ray before and after receiving the service (except for hygienic cleaning, treatment of the mucous membrane, oncology patients, children under 13 and pregnant women and cases when the patient has not had an X-ray).

You can request a referral from your family doctor if necessary. Another option is to use our application to remotely request medication, but you'll need either Form 100 or a doctor's prescription.

You have the flexibility to select the start date of your "Pulse" policy after at least 14 days from your purchase. Once this period elapses, you'll gain access to the services outlined in your package, excluding those that have a trial period.

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