Property Insurance Irao

Property Insurance

Insure your property against any unforeseen events. The policy includes: Real estate insurance, Business interruption insurance, Construction risk insurance, machinery insurance, Insurance against mechanical damage to machinery and Business insurance.

With us, you can insure property that helps to successfully perform the business:

  • Building: a building of industrial, administrative, socio-cultural purpose or public use, including integral structural elements and internal/external finishing;
  • Separate space in buildings: including integral structural elements;
  • Commercial buildings: garages, warehouses, warehouses, including integral structural elements and interior/exterior finishes;
  • Production and technological lines, machinery (machine tools, production-technological mechanisms, and devices, towers), including integral structural elements and internal/external finishing;
  • Communication devices (systems), high voltage machines;
  • Products, goods, supplies, and other tangible items: Products, goods, and supplies can be insured against theft by placing them in a warehouse and guarding them 24 hours a day - whether it's human resource allocation or an anti-theft protection system. When securing, supplies should be located at a height of at least 12 centimeters from the ground level and at a distance of at least 30 centimeters from the wall;

Inventory (furniture, household appliances, electrical equipment, computers, organizational equipment) and others.

Vandalism, theft, robbery

Fire, explosion, falling mechanism, falling aircraft/parts

Direct damage caused by leakage of water from plumbing and drainage systems, rupture or leakage of water, oil or gasoline from boilers or pipes

Fixed glass damage

Vehicle collision

Storm, Hurricane, Hail, Landslide, Rockfall, Heavy Snow, Earthquake, Flood

If the property is damaged or destroyed, the insurance will compensate for the corresponding financial loss.

If, as a result of an unforeseen accident, your property or belongings were damaged:

  • Materials placed on the construction site;
  • Additional buildings, warehouse, engineering systems;
  • Networks and other types of belongings located on the construction site;
  • Equipment and machinery used for construction purposes;
  • Liability to third parties.

This service involves insuring equipment and machinery used for construction purposes, including cranes, earthmoving machines, and construction site vehicles. The insurance covers any unexpected damage or destruction.

Insurance covers the type of machinery damage caused by manufacturing defects. These are:

  • Imperfect construction;
  • Errors in installation or workmanship;
  • Lack of water in boilers;
  • Physical explosion;
  • Short circuit.

For insurance price calculation and other details: