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Home Insurance

Ensure your apartment or private house has insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. In the event of damage to a neighbor’s apartment caused by your actions, you can compensate for the costs by assuming liability for the third party.

The cost of home insurance starts from just 20 GEL per month.

For apartment insurance, you will need your personal data and cadastral code.

Water dripping from the neighbor's apartment

Tenant of the apartment (if renting)

Fire, explosion or smoke

Damage to sewer, water, heating or electrical wiring

Theft, robbery or vandalism

Fixed glass damage

Natural disasters (hail, flood, storm, earthquake, etc.)

With our insurance coverage, repairs and appliance replacements with compensation processes are made quick and effortless.

Our insurance covers repairs, equipment and you can also receive third-party liability compensation.

To view the insurance conditions, visit the link.

If you require insurance services, please notify us in writing within 48 hours. Your notification should include a detailed description of the damage, the value of the items affected or missing, and the total damage amount. For any queries, you can contact us at (032) 2 949 949.

Want to read more about the conditions? Follow the link.