“Casco” Auto Insurance Irao

“Casco” Auto Insurance

Get insurance conditions that to match your exact needs and receive the excellent service.

"Casco" insurance includes:

  • Individual rates based on driving experience;
  • Terms tailored to your needs: insurance coverage, limits, payment schedule and more;
  • Discount for experienced drivers;
  • Calculation of losses remotely, without coming to the office;
  • Auto-assistant service;
  • Coverage area in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

These risks are:

Road accident


Falling of various objects

Natural disasters: earthquake, hail, flood, heavy snowfall, storm, landslide, mudslide

fire, falling of a tree, explosion

Theft or robbery

Damage / loss of individual parts and accessories

Third-party liability insurance

Any third party whose car, property, or health is damaged due to your faults. 

Accident insurance for driver and passengers

Damage to life and health of passengers in your vehicle as a result of a traffic accident.

Driver insurance - "IRAO Driver"

Drive any vehicle and protect yourself from unforeseen incidents.

IRAO Assistance - our 24-hour hotline, is always ready to answer any questions related to insurance and help you solve all road issues:

Tow truck service

Starting a car

Changing a tyre

Delivery of fuel to the site

Additional services can be accessed in Tbilisi and nearby areas (within a 25 km radius), including Tskneti, Tsavkisi, Okrokana, Tabakhmela, Saguramo, Akhalsofeli, Navdaraantkari, Mtskheta, Bethania, Kojori, Shindisi, and Fonichala.

Moreover, aside from Tbilisi, the service is available in Imereti (Kutaisi) and Adjara (Batumi, Khelvachauri, Chakvi).

To view the insurance conditions, visit the link.

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