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Bank Guarantees

If you participate in public procurement and need bank guarantees, we offer enhanced services to support and streamline your business activities.
Select the suitable bank guarantee for your specific business needs.

Tender Guarantee

Used to participate in the tender and ensure that your company fulfills the terms of the tender.

Guarantee of Contract Performance

For the purpose of signing a contract and ensuring the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by your company.

Advance Guarantee

Best choice if your company needs to receive an advance for the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Quality Guarantee

This insurance becomes necessary after the delivery of goods or completion of work. Throughout the liability period for defects, it ensures the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by your company.

Customs Guarantee

Enables avoidance of customs duties and is utilized for customs clearance of imported cargo across various modes, including re-export, processing, or customs warehouse procedures.