Multi-Time Policy Irao

Additional Coverage

If you find yourself traveling abroad frequently, get a Multi Time Policy once and secure insurance for 6 to 12 months.

When traveling often, selecting a Multi-Time Policy offers greater ease and convenience compared to getting a new policy for each trip. With Multi-Time Policy, it's possible to pre-select the desired number of travel days into one policy.

You can use our insurance all over the world.

The price of the policy is calculated based on both the traveler's age and the length of the trip.

You must buy travel insurance before you begin your trip. If you purchase the policy after crossing the Georgia border, it won’t be valid and you won’t be eligible for compensation.

Want to read more about the conditions? Follow the link.

Additional Coverage

Baggage Insurance

5 ₾

 With baggage insurance, you will get a refund of 25$ per 1 kg in 2 days (within 500$). In this case, the baggage insurance is for one-time use only.

COVID 19 Insurance

From 180 ₾ 

If you want your policy to cover the costs of the new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) and emergencies caused by it, you can activate additional coverage.