Corporate Health Insurance Irao

Corporate Health Insurance

Understanding the importance of employee well-being, we offer health insurance that is customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of your company.

IRAO ensures you receive the finest quality, fastest, and most convenient service. Access the mobile app and personal cabinet for simplicity and efficiency.

The company must have 5 or more employees.

IRAO Assistance

Family doctor services

Emergency medical services

Preventive tests


Planned and emergency hospitalization

Cardiac surgery


Day inpatient services

Planned and emergency outpatient clinic

Pregnancy and childbirth


Marine and emergency dentistry

Travel insurance

You can receive service in any of these 2 ways:

  1. Apply to the provider clinic and benefit from co-financing;
  2. Receive the services of the desired licensed clinic and request reimbursement based on the submission of documents.

Visit the link to see the locations of the family doctor.

Payment terms depend on the contract details.

Along with insurance, we offer additional discounts in wellness sports complexes, beauty centers and hotels.

Also, one of our main benefits is the service of a personal medical manager, who will help you:

  • Find out the details of the response to the medical service or warranty letter;
  • Learn more about receiving services;
  • Resolve issues related to provider clinics;
  • Get help in emergency situations if you are unable to contact the relevant services;
  • Clarify service-related entries in the insurance contract.
  • Record service-related requests, recommendations and complaints.