Single-Use Travel Insurance

Planning a journey? Let us handle your health insurance needs. Travel insurance ensures you’re safeguarded from unexpected medical expenses while away.

If you're traveling abroad and require insurance for every day of your journey, consider opting for Single-Use insurance. With this policy type, you have the freedom to select the duration of coverage that aligns with your travel plans. Insurance is available from any age.

You can use our insurance all over the world.

You must buy travel insurance before you begin your trip. If you purchase the policy after crossing the Georgia border, it won’t be valid and you won’t be eligible for compensation.

The maximum limit of insurance services is 60,000 (USD/EUR), you will get insurance without deductible.

The daily price of insurance starts from 1.5 ₾ and is determined by the customer's age and duration of the trip.

Want to read more about the conditions? Follow the link.

Additional Coverage

Baggage Insurance

5 ₾

With baggage insurance, you will get a refund of 25$ per 1 kg in 2 days (within 500$). In this case, the baggage insurance is for one-time use only.

COVID 19 Insurance

3 ₾ per Day

If you want your policy to cover the costs of the new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) and emergencies caused by it, you can activate additional coverage.