IRAO Eco-Competition for Employees

The main goal of the competition is to reduce the harmful impact on the environment is to change our behavior for the best.

IRAO insurance company organized a month-long eco-competition named “Green Challenge” aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and waste management awareness among its employees. Participation was open to all staff members, ranging from department heads to junior employees, with approximately 300 individuals forming 16 teams based on departments or areas of focus.

The competition featured various eco-friendly activities such as cleaning and greening initiatives, waste sorting, collection of waste paper from schools, open classes for children, utilization of items made from recycled materials, production of advertising clips, and the “Walk on Foot” campaign.

Following the conclusion of the competition, the jury faced the challenging task of determining the most environmentally friendly team from the extensive participation.

The teams had one month to plan green activities and projects. All teams chose a captain who had to prepare a report and presentation at the end of the competition.
The teams were evaluated by three criteria:

  • Creative approach
  • Teamwork
  • Impact on the environment

The list of activities of the winning teams is quite impressive:

  • Team members launched a campaign to save resources in the office: they started saving water, electricity, paper. refused to use plastic items;

  • They launched a campaign – the challenge “Go on a walk”. The team members walked, took videos, shared on social media and all of them invited (tagged) two other people from his circle of friends, who also had to walk and in turn he invited two more people;

  • They cleaned the territories in the outskirts of Tbilisi. Among them, the area adjacent to the Tbilisi Sea, the surroundings of Avlabari;

  • They greened the environment in Kutaisi, Telavi, Tbilisi (mothers’ and children’s home);

  • Teams conducted awareness raising campaigns. Among them: 192nd public school, Free School, Akhaltsikhe adult education center;
    They cleaned and greened the yard of the 22nd public school of Rustavi;

  • Teams also ollected and handed over waste from different agencies. Among them: plastic items, waste paper, electronics;
    secondary items, Christmas trees, toys, jewelry, bags were created from waste.

    These items are now displayed in the corridors of IRAO offices. They remind the company’s employees how important it is to take care of waste reduction and environmental protection in general.

    The competition will become traditional and next year it will take on an even larger form.