Vienna Insurance Group

The Vienna Insurance Group holds the top position as the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe.

Its achievements are rooted in two centuries of experience within the insurance sector. The forerunner of the Vienna Insurance Group originated in Austria back in 1824.


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Operates in





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Million Users

Vienna Insurance Group shares are listed on the Vienna, Prague and Budapest stock exchanges.

The mission of the Vienna Insurance Group is to ensure that customers feel secure and at peace at all times. The company is dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing the most valuable assets for its customers.

Vienna Insurance Group can be confidently described as a dependable and steady partner. With a strong presence in the market and a leading position in the region, the company maintains its stability. Continuous growth and a commitment to advancement enable us to sustain these positions without wavering.

  • Diversity of services

  • Proximity to the customer

  • Responsibility



Kids Camp

Kids Camp Every summer, Vienna Insurance Group hosts a kids’ camp in Austria, inviting up to 500 youngsters aged 9 to 13 from its member companies. The camp aims to foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding among children. Participants engage in discussions, explore differences and similarities, and cultivate solidarity. The camp offers a diverse range […]


Award in Recognition of Commitment to Voluntary Activities

Awards in Recognition of Commitment to voluntary activities Since 2013, the Vienna Insurance Group has organized a yearly competition for employees across its member companies to recognize outstanding volunteer efforts. Each year, VIG employees can nominate peers who engage in volunteer work during their personal time. Winners from various countries are invited annually to spend […]


Günter Geyer Award for social conscience

Günter Geyer Award for social conscience Since 2012, the Vienna Insurance Group has presented the Günter Geyer Award to member insurance companies that have made notable contributions to society through their corporate social responsibility initiatives. These activities, diverse and addressing various social issues, share a common goal: to generate positive impact for society.


Social Active Day

Social Active Day Since 2011, the Vienna Insurance Group has organized the Social Active Day project on an annual basis across its member companies. As part of this initiative, employees from all affiliated companies come together to dedicate one workday to volunteering for charitable endeavors. Participants from over 20 European nations join in the “Social […]


Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Policy Since its establishment, management of the Vienna Insurance Group has always prioritized sustainability. This commitment, alongside a clear strategy for growth focused on value, has driven the company’s transformation from a local insurer to an international giant. There are 5 key strategic areas that ensure the company’s sustainable development. Capital Investments – […]